What is DroidCam

What Is DroidCam

It’s an amazing mobile software that can change your cell phone camera into a completely working PC webcam. With this program, you can either remotely, or with the assistance of a USB link, interface your phone to PC, and naturally course the video feed from your telephone camera to PC. Every PC application that can identify a webcam will do as such, and you can begin video chats with your friends or colleagues easily.

Features of  Droid Cam

Connect over WiFi or USB link

You can now connect your mobile to your PC utilizing either WiFi or a USB link.

Unlimited free use

The free variant permits you to utilize the application with standard-definition video (480p).


Its an easy and simple-to-utilize application that is trusted by a huge number of clients.

Use Droidcam in the background

You can continuously use your phone with Droid Cam behind the scenes, even while you’re using it as a webcam.

Change to HD Mode

The genius variant permits you to change to HD Mode for 720p or 1080p video.

Works with

Windows, macOS, and Linux. It works with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Set Up on Your PC

Setting up Droid on your PC is a simple process. To begin with, you should download and install this on your PC. When the installation is finished, launch the application from your Beginning menu or work area. At the point when you open the application interestingly, it will consequently recognize your Android gadget and brief you to install the Remote Webcam application from the Google Play store.

Subsequent to downloading and installing the application on your Android phone, open the application on your PC once more and enter the IP address of your Android gadget as well as the port number, which should be recorded inside the DroidCam application on your Android gadget. When these means have been finished, the association between your Android telephone and PC will be laid out.

You can then feel free to choose which camera you need to utilize (front or back). You can likewise change different settings like video goals, sound inclinations, and so on. At the point when you are done changing your settings, click on the “Begin” button to begin web-based video from your Android telephone to your PC. That is all there is to it! Your Android telephone is currently prepared to use as a webcam.

Uses of Droidcam?

Set Up DroidCam on Your Android Devices

Getting this is very simple to run on your Android devices. Just follow the steps:

  • Download the DroidCam application from the Google Play Store, and launch it. 
  • When it’s open, you will see an IP address and port no
  • Observe this IP address and port number, as you will require them some other time when you set up the PC form.
  • Presently, go to your Android gadget’s Settings and open Network and Internet, click the option Data Usage, and enable Mobile Data.
  • Now you can use  it on your Android mobile.

You have now effectively set up it and can involve your Android device as a webcam with Chrome. With this, you can settle on video decisions, record recordings, and transfer media through your Android telephone. With this, your Android phone’s camera will be shown in Chrome like a customary webcam. To get to it, essentially open the camera application in Chrome. You can likewise modify the camera goal and edge rate to get the best insight from your Android phone’s webcam.

Using your Android device as a webcam with Droid Cam is an extraordinary cash-saving tip to purchase a committed webcam for your PC. Besides, it works with Windows and Macintosh PCs, so regardless of what framework you’re running, you can utilize your Android phone as a webcam. It’s an incredible device that permits you to rapidly and effectively utilize your Android phone as a webcam.

Droid cam Specification

App NameDroidcam
Latest Versionv6.5.2
CategoryUtilities & Tools
Required4.0.3 and up
Root RequiredNO
Update1 day ago
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Possible FAQs

How do I install DroidCam on Windows 10?

Firstly, you should open your browser and search for a droid cam for PC to download. Find the latest DroidCam version on any number of websites, and then download it. Simply run it after downloading.

Is it ok to use DroidCam on PC?

At the point when you use DroidCam on your PC, your cell phone’s camera and amplifier are being gotten to by your PC. This can raise worries about protection and security, as somebody might actually utilize the application to keep an eye on you. To alleviate this risk try to utilize DroidCam with confided-in contacts and in secure conditions as it were. It’s also very smart to switch off the application when it’s not being used to guarantee that your camera and mouthpiece are not being gotten to without your insight.

Two Factor Authentication for the safe use of Droid Cam.

Use Two Factor Authentication when you’re using DroidCam for delicate or private designs, it’s smart to empower Two Factor Authentication to add an additional layer of safety. 2FA expects you to enter a code sent to your mobile however, your secret password, makes it harder for unapproved clients to get to your record.


In fact, DroidCam is a profoundly valuable and flexible software for those hoping to involve their Android device as a webcam. With its capacity to switch between front and back cameras, limitless free use, and paid rendition with extra elements, it offers adaptable and cost-effective solutions for different use cases. Generally, DroidCam is a solid and helpful work area application for those needing a webcam elective.