Is DroidCam safe for PC?

DroidCam is a famous application that permits you to utilize your Android cell phone as a webcam for your PC. This a helpful solution for those who need a webcam yet don’t have one, or for individuals who need to use their cell phone’s camera for better video quality.

Similarly as with any application that gets to your device’s camera and microphone, taking into account the protection and security of utilizing DroidCam on your computer is significant. DroidCam is a portable application that permits clients to involve their Android or iOS devices as a webcam for their PC. It is for the most part thought to be protected to use, as long as you download it from a trustworthy source and play it safe to get your gadget and your personal data.

What is DroidCam?

DroidCam is an amazing mobile application accessible for Android and iOS devices that permits you to utilize your cell phone as a webcam for your PC. It’s an easy and simple to-utilize application that associates your cell phone and PC over a WiFi or USB association and permits you to use your cell phone’s camera as a webcam in video visits and online applications.

DroidCam is accessible in two renditions: a free form and a paid variant. The free version offers fundamental webcam usefulness, while the paid variant incorporates extra elements, for example, HD video support, sound help, and the capacity to involve your cell phone’s mouthpiece as a receiver for your PC.

Is it safe to use DroidCam for PC?

One of the principal worries with utilizing DroidCam on your PC is the safety and security of the actual application. While DroidCam has been downloaded a huge number of times and has commonly gotten positive surveys, it’s essential to know about the possible dangers and do whatever it may take to safeguard yourself.

The following are a couple of interesting points with regard to the safety of using  DroidCam on your PC:

Collect Data

Similarly, as with any application that you use, it’s essential to know about the information that is being gathered and the way in which it’s being utilized. DroidCam’s security strategy expresses that it gathers information, for example, gadget data, and IP address, and uses the information to work on the application and give a superior client experience. However, it’s generally really smart to peruse the security strategy of any application you use and consider whether you’re OK with the information being gathered.

Malware and infections

One of the greatest worries with utilizing any outsider application on your PC is the risk of downloading malware or infections. While DroidCam itself has not been known to contain malware or infections, it’s generally smart to be mindful while downloading and introducing any application from the web. Make a point to just download DroidCam from the authority site or a trustworthy application store, and output the application for malware prior to introducing it on your PC.

Tips to use DroidCam safely

Use a VPN

A VPN can assist with shielding your online activity from being checked or captured by outsiders. On the off chance that you’re utilizing DroidCam on an unstable public WiFi organization, utilizing a VPN can help with safeguarding your protection and security.

Use alert while sharing personal data

While utilizing DroidCam, be aware of what personal data you share over the video call. It’s really smart to try not to share delicate or private data, like your place of residence or monetary data.


DroidCam can be a helpful and valuable application for people who need a webcam or need to use their cell phone’s camera for better video quality.

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